SAP's Leading Construction ERP

Our ERP software for construction companies optimizes the management of your construction projects, a software for construction companies in the cloud that centralizes information to control costs and profitability. From budgets budgeting and planning, to execution and billing.

  • Public/private construction planning
  • Construction monitoring
  • Progress (Production / Certification) monitoring
  • Period-end Closing processes
  • Reporting by executed work 
ERP para la construcción

SothisConcrete the Construction Software

The construction ERP that embraces the business processes for project Execution of Civil Works, Building, Structures and, Solar Energy Projects (solar and roof gardens).

soluciones para construcción

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We will tell you how our ERP software for construction companies can help your company, going through planning, tender, execution and period-end closing with replan. 



Our ERP for construction simplifies complete project management, highlighting planning, execution, and financial control. It includes advanced features such as a double structure to manage execution and customer billing simultaneously, monitoring of Joint Ventures, and exchange rate management in international projects.

• Planning and control of previous studies, awarded works and resources.
• Management of project structures and variations in contracting.
• Progress control and project management for Joint Ventures.


The process begins with the request for work/material demands, aligned with the master planning, and a comparison of supplier offers is made.

It follows the generation of awarded contracts based on approved offers. Subcontractor certifications and construction goods receipts are monitored. Subsequently, pre-invoices are printed and both supplier and subcontractor invoices are recorded.

Finally, our construction software proceeds to pay suppliers and clear the corresponding items.


• Evaluation of suppliers based on awarded contracts.
• Customized contractual quality questionnaires for subcontractor and supplier evaluations.
• Homologation of suppliers, and associated document management.


SothisConcrete's ERP for construction allows for financial and temporal planning of the project, where costs are distributed according to the planned measurement units, using the Gantt Diagram as a tool. Next, a cash-flow of the project is prepared based on this temporal distribution of costs and revenues. And finally, a double temporal distribution of revenue is carried out, considering both production and certification.

And finally, a double temporal distribution of income revenue is carried out, considering both production and certification.


Our ERP software for construction companies optimizes supply management, allowing resource requests according to the construction master's planning. It facilitates the visualization of stocks, automatic generation of reservations and order requests. Enables the request of offers from suppliers, with an integrated comparison and award process.

In addition, it includes a system for recording, accounting and unlocking invoices for payment.


• Notification of execution/production progress and certification.
• Control of presence on site.
• Registration of work reports and subcontractor delivery notes.
• Reporting of hours of internal and subcontracted personnel.
• Allocation of machinery rental costs.
• Native integration with the Success Factors human resources management tool.


Management of construction contracts through the construction ERP system.

Printing of work certifications at origin for approval by the project management.

Issuance of invoices in accordance with approved certifications.


ERP software for construction simplifies the accounting of work in progress, performs automatic calculations of supplies and stock management. It allows the revaluation of personnel rates, replanning of the project, updating the End of Work Margin and review of the actual vs plan project Cash-flow.

• Production accounting.
• Accounting for provisions and stockpile management.
• Work replanning based on actual contracting and updating of the End of Work Margin.


• Plan/actual income statement and project cash-flow
• Financial balance by project
• Plan/actual progress by work units (measurements).
• EWM End of Work Margin and WIS (Work Information System)


• Generation and export of Excel templates to work off-line.
• Off-line work with construction data without the need for an internet connection.
• Automatically update data with templates filled when there is a connection.
• Integration with SAP Cloud for Projects for collaborative work environments following BIM methodologies.


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Why SothisConcrete Construction Software?


SothisConcrete's construction ERP supports multi-currency, multi-language and multi-company projects, as well as UTE management and tax and accounting consolidation.  


In line with collaborative BIM project management methodologies, it allows integration with external systems such as Office, Excel, Presto or Neodata (bc3), MS Project, Primavera or Autocad.


Thanks to the pre-configured scenarios in the solution, the implementation time is significantly reduced, as well as the associated cost. 


Optimize resources and plan projects efficiently, considering production, certification and marketing. Completely track the life cycle of your projects.


Aldesa is one of the largest construction groups in Spain and Mexico, dedicated to the development of infrastructure and buildings.

With more than 50 years of experience in the market, ALDESA is dedicated to the development of civil engineering and infrastructure construction projects for public and private customers. The company also operates in the industrial field through investment activities, such as concessions, real estate sector and renewable energy.

En España ocupa el 9º puesto en el ranking de empresas constructoras In Spain it occupies 9th place in the ranking of construction companies and in Mexico it is in 8th place.