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SothisConcrete is a software designed for Engineering Projects that covers the business processes of civil engineering, facilities, environment, and energy efficiency projects. Our solution is designed to optimize all business processes.

SothisConcrete is a comprehensive tool to maximize efficiency and success in your projects.

Proyectos de Ingeniería

SothisConcrete for Engineering Projects

Our module covers different engineering projects, from grant management to safety coordination, addressing key phases such as preliminary work and procurement assistance.

This module covers engineering projects of various typologies, such as Grant Management, Preliminary Work and Environmental Studies, Procurement Assistance, Technical Management, Administrative Management, Health and Safety Coordination

It also covers engineering projects where there is a pre-existing design with subsequent assembly on site, such as mechanical assembly projects (both in the workshop and on site). As well as projects for industrial facilities and civil works, structural calculations, etc.

This module is aimed at providing a solution for companies and engineering technical offices where the main asset is the human team that develops the project. As well as companies that not only do the design projects but also those that are subcontracted to carry out the subsequent installations or assemblies.

SothisConcrete is the engineering software that covers the business processes of civil engineering, facilities, environment and energy efficiency projects.

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In the initial phase of engineering projects, an exhaustive analysis of their magnitude is carried out, with special attention to cost planning and preliminary drafting. This stage focuses on understanding the scope of the initiative and establishing a solid foundation for the subsequent generation of an offer. The initial planned costs play a crucial role in creating a proposal that is competitive and aligned with the project objectives.


In project planning, we focus on creating tasks, establishing relationships and durations, and identifying the critical path. Capacity management is carried out through the efficient allocation of resources based on profiles, with the ability to descend to individual levels. The centralized technical office manages documents associated with each task in a single repository with version control.

Our engineering software organizes daily tasks using a pool filtered by resource or project. In product design, we create document lists linked to materials and integrate with CAD applications. Finally, we calculate costs accurately and manage modifications to adjust to current costs or regulations.


Material management in the project is optimized through the explosion of lists and the automatic generation of demands using engineering software. An automated task pool is established to facilitate control from the workshop, including the recording of hours and consumptions to manufacturing orders, as well as the cost settlement to engineering projects.

In the field of construction, an integral control is implemented that includes the reception of goods, the consumption in activities, the management of stocks and the coordination of transports associated with the workshop components.


Invoicing in our engineering projects is structured according to specific milestones, as per contract. In addition, our engineering software offers the possibility of invoicing based on the monthly progress of the project.

This functionality allows the invoicing process to be adapted to the monthly progress, providing greater adaptability and financial control in line with the milestones achieved throughout the project.


In the cost management of personnel in engineering projects, after the imputation of hours to the project is authorized. A revaluation of personnel rates is implemented based on the actual payroll, resulting in the corresponding revaluation of the personnel cost allocated to the project.

This approach is applied in an integral way to engineering projects, guaranteeing a precise management of labour costs. At the end, the work in progress (WIP) statement is executed and the results are transferred, offering a clear vision of the current status of the activities in progress.

Why SothisConcrete for Engineering Projects?

Descubre los principales beneficios de la solución para Proyectos de Ingeniería


SothisConcrete's construction ERP supports multi-currency, multi-language and multi-company projects, as well as joint venture management and fiscal and accounting consolidation.


In line with the collaborative methodologies of BIM project management, it allows integration with external systems such as Office, Excel, Presto or Neodata (bc3), MS Project, Primavera or Autocad.


Thanks to the pre-configured scenarios in the solution, the implementation time is reduced considerably, as well as the associated cost.


Optimizes resources and plans projects efficiently, considering production, certification and marketing. Track the complete life cycle of your projects.