SothisConcrete - BIM Projects with S/4Hana

SothisConcrete is an ERP system that expands the core of your SAP S/4HANA with specific capabilities for the construction sectorindustry. It provides integrated management of BIM projects, procurement and billing processes for dynamic construction companies that require digital solutions covering the entire life cycle of a project. 

  • Specific design for the construction, real estate development, urban planning and engineering sectors.
  • Rapid implementation with lower costs. 
  • Predefined processes in SAP adapted to the needs of the industry.
  • Based on SAP's best practices, optimized with the experience of various implementations.
Proyectos BIM

Why SothisConcrete?

Discover the Main Benefits of the BIM Project Solution. 

Our software guarantees that it is not a generic solution, but rather an adaptable tool that precisely addresses the particular challenges of each department.

From project management to process optimization, our ERP has been configured to be the technological backbone that enhances efficiency and performance at every stage of the life cycle of your BIM Projects.

Over 15 years implementing
in customers

Implemented in more than 20 customers

Working on BIM projects
in more than 10 countries

Certified by SAP as
a Partner-Packaged Solution
for the Intelligent Enterprise

Available on the SAP Store
since 2021

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SothisConcrete Features

SothisConcrete for Construction

Covers the business processes of
Civil Works Execution, Building, Structures, and
Solar Energy Projects.

SothisConcrete for Real Estate Development

Covers the entire management of the Real Estate development process, from
the preliminary feasibility study to the execution, promotion, sale, or rental of building units.

SothisConcrete for Urban Development Projects

Covers the entire management of land of origin, redistributions, urban land, management of urban development fees, and development works of Integrated Action Plans (AIP).

SothisConcrete for Engineering

Covers the business processes of engineering projects for civil works, installations, environment, and energy efficiency.

SothisConcrete for Operations

Covers the management of Solar Energy projects, Concessions (parkings, highways..), exploitations, and patrimonial.


Discover the Power of SothisConcrete

In this brochure, you will find a complete description and the benefits that Sothis Concrete can bring to your BIM Projects.



SothisConcrete works under all SAP locations. Simplifies projects thanks to multi-currency, multi-company and multi-language support, as well as the management of joint ventures and fiscal and accounting consolidation.


In line with the collaborative methodologies of BIM project management, it allows integration with external systems such as Office, Excel, Presto or Neodata (bc3), MS Project, Primavera or Autocad.


Implementation costs and time are drastically reduced with pre-configured scenarios, allowing companies to quickly benefit from an adapted system. In addition, it facilitates a smooth transition towards process optimization and performance in BIM Projects.


Optimizes resources and plans project execution efficiently, including aspects such as production forecasting and certification in construction, or forecasting the pace of marketing in real estate development. Track the entire life cycle of your BIM projects.

Sothis Concrete is for you if you are experiencing the following problems:

Use of different management programs for each phase of the project (Presto, MS Project, Excel,…) Duplication of contractual data. Registration of the same information in the different management programs.

Lack of collaboration in BIM projects due to the different databases used autonomously.

Errors in the management of materials and their provisioning processes due to lack of updated information.

  • Cost Deviations
  • Making unnecessary or duplicate purchases and/or supplies.
  • Uncontrolled purchases by members of the organization.
  • Lack of information on the overall costs of materials and how they affect the costs of the project.
  • Difficulties in reconciling actual data with planned data for the following months of project development.
  • Loss of traceability in workflows due to the use of different management systems.
  • Lack of control over supplementary/additional budgets that are raised during the life of the project. Inability to manage their impact on the overall project or budget by budget.
  • Problems in controlling/managing the guarantees issued and/or received, as well as the warranty retentions associated with the project.